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about atara twersky

As a mother of 3 school age children, I know how children can be impacted by their surroundings.  How the place they call home will directly affect their ability to do homework, to interact with their friends and siblings and ultimately have the ability to empower them to grow into happy and healthy young adults. Positive community and apartment living is one of the key components to a well adjusted child and it is my mission as a multi family owner to help build communities that will allow its members, young and old alike, to thrive and grow and be happy.

I have been a securities class action attorney for over 15 years but what many of my clients don’t know is that I put myself through law school buying and selling HUD properties in the New York area.  I was  using the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Repeat)  method before it had a name and I was buying and flipping homes totally based on my instincts and a quick back of the napkin numbers check.  

Today as a multifamily sponsor and owner my mission is to create communities where tenants feel at home whether they are there for a short time or plan to stay for many years. Because the place we hang our hat and kick up our feet has to feel just right. Everything I do will be in the spirit of honesty and giving back to my communities.  Investing alongside me will be an experience in full transparency and disclosure.  Making amazing returns on the money you entrust me with will be of paramount importance.  As an investor in my properties you will make returns on your investment  money and be privy to the process. Along the way we will build feelgood places of warmth and  camaraderie for our tenants.

Invest me with and you will help build community all while increasing your wealth.

Atara twersky, esq. on the phone

Atara Twersky, esq.

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