Women in Real Estate

I love real estate. I love the power of building community and of having the opportunity to enhance people’s lives through their surroundings. As a securities attorney I know first hand that many women are so busy with their professional careers and their jobs as moms and  caretakers they forget that their money can grow and multiply if invested properly. I love the opportunity I have as a real estate sponsor to help women invest wisely thereby freeing up their time to work less and enjoy the things they love to do and be with the people they love most.  Investing wisely allows you to free up TIME and time is the most important commodity we have.  As a professional woman you are smart enough to know that you need to save money for a rainy day or just for those moments you want to enjoy  the question: what is the best way to do that?  Here at Asencdo I will help you make those decisions wisely. Leaving money in the bank does little for you. The stock market can be too risky and needs to be monitored very closely and understood in ways that require full attention. But in today’s market investing in hard assets like real estate can really increase your returns in a meaningful way. I will show you how to become a limited partner that will increase your yearly returns in significant ways. Research shows that women real estate investors actually take more time to understand and investigate the deals we enter into. As president and founder of Ascendo we will work hand in hand to understand each real estate deal and the ways to increase profitability. We will make money and help communities and families to grow and live meaningful lives. Time, your most precious commodity, will free up as your portfolio grows. Invest with Ascendo and together as women let’s rise to the top.