Hanna Osundina and Her Journey in Paving the Way for Black Women in Real Estate!

Hanna Osundina is reimagining real estate for women!

Hanna Osundina, Founder of the Black Women in Real Estate or “BWRE” based in the UK, established the movement as a way to connect with other black women in the real estate industry with the goal of creating opportunities for black women to create a supportive network across the industry. Hanna struggled to find women like herself in her chosen field. BWRE was born out of Hanna’s desire to help other women like herself to find community, network, and connect.

Hanna is also the Managing Director and Founder of Mood and Space (MAS)– a development company that supports clients in creating their development vision and strategy to deliver great buildings with smart and intentional design. Hanna specializes in development management for large-scale regeneration projects in urban areas.

She is passionate about racial and gender equality and hopes that BWRE will help black women connect and empower one another.

Hanna has a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Oxford Brookes University.


Show Notes

[01:37] – What’s the impetus for Black Women in Real Estate?

  • There are not many black women in the real estate industry, her immediate network, and had a sense of isolation
  • Hannah was frustrated with the lack of representation she is finding in her team and got to the point where she wants to meet other black women
  • She looked for other people on LinkedIn and invited them for dinner, and the rest is history.
  • Representation and diversity matters
  • It is impossible to design a well-thought-out space and community for everyone when it is only coming from one type of person or socio-economic group

[08:45] Hannah’s backstory into the real estate industry

  • She is currently the Managing Director & Founder at Mood and Space
  • Throughout her career, Hannah worked on various regeneration projects around London
  • Hannah wants to continue all the learning she had and help people deliver their projects with a community project-first approach and deliver social value
  • Hannah studied architecture as her undergrad and while she was working in Nigeria, she couldn’t stand doing the drawings
  • She eventually evolved wanting to learn more about the building environment
  • Once you stand in your truth and authenticity, things will start to move.

[20:31] Tangible impacts that she wants to implement

  • One of the things that they have done was to set up a fund for a local charity that goes back into schools for young people.
  • Setting up a multi-million-pound fund for businesses around an area. They were able to help businesses during COVID to stay open
  • They were able to relocate a mobile garden

[24:31] Closing Thoughts

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