Coach Trevor McGregor: The 5 Freedoms in Life

What does it mean to be free? Really and truly free? Trevor McGregor, a real estate owner, a business strategist, and a master coach believes that investing in real estate, whether as a passive investor or an owner/sponsor,  can and will set you free.

Coach Trevor McGregor owns properties in over 50+ locations across the country. Starting from scratch, with just a few single-family homes, he eventually built an empire and found a way to achieve freedom financially and in many other ways.  As a high-performance master coach and a business strategist, Trevor has worked closely with the renowned Tony Robbins and now helps to implement strategies paving the way to the 5 Freedoms for Life. The assets in Trevor’s portfolio include single-family homes, multi-family apartment buildings located throughout the US, self-storage units in Key West, Florida, and even an agricultural hemp farm in Colorado. Additionally, he has made an impact investment in other interesting and money-making ventures around the world, from Costa Rica to Australia.

Coach Trevor has worked with individuals from all over the world, including Fortune 500 Executives, accomplished real estate investors, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and world-class athletes. They all come to him for the one thing: Life-changing transformation.

Trevor not only had his own private coaching practice but also worked as a Master Platinum Coach for the Tony Robbins Group, which provided the highest caliber of coaching available anywhere in the world. Prior to that, he worked as the Executive Director of Operations for a highly-successful company for more than 20 years.

In order to assist you not only get where you want to go, but also explode your results, Trevor will work with you to co-create a road map. He will help you gain clarity on what you want and what’s holding you back from having it. His goal is to help others discover their true power and untapped potential so they can surpass their own expectations for success, wealth, freedom, and contribution.


Show Notes

[01:10] The lack of women investing in real estate

  • Trevor believes that real estate is one of the greatest wealth vehicles on the planet

[03:55] Trevor’s backstory in business coaching

  • Trevor grew up wanting to be an NHL hockey player
  • Started working in a hospitality company and in 1999, he became the executive director and was allowed to come in and invest in their expansion plan
  • In 2001, the expansion failed, and lost all the money and causing a rift in their marriage
  • He found a coach investing in real estate and turned his life around
  • He started buying little condos, townhomes, and duplexes and figured out cash flow.
  • After 2 and a half years, he was able to pay all loans and started informal mini-masterminds teaching people to invest in real estate

[08:01] How he realized that investing in single-family is not scalable

  • Owning a single family is good, but it’s not great
  • Eventually scaling with apartments through multi-family syndication

[10:11] The power of being a limited partner

  • If you’re a working person, they can take a little bit of money and put it in syndication where you have a really good sponsor finding, negotiating, and buying deals.
  • Trevor also helps people earn “mailbox money” where they get a preferred return of a specific amount delivered by cheque or electronic deposit every single month for 5 years and at the end, they also get their money back and get to participate in the disposition of the property.

[14:03] The 5 Freedoms For Life

  • Financial Freedom
  • Time Freedom
  • Geographic/Location Freedom
  • Freedom to Impact
  • Freedom of Relationships

[19:23] Trevor’s take on people saying that the market is terrible or it’s too late to invest in real estate

  • Trevor believes that there are still amazing opportunities in real estate
  • People are building negative beliefs and it prevents them from seeing opportunities
  • Real estate is here to stay

[25:38] Trevor’s mistakes that he learned from

  • In the early days, he bought properties on emotion
  • You learn as you go
  • Nobody sees the failures behind the success
  • Problems and challenges are the universe’s way for us to build ‘muscles’
  • Coaches are here to help you along the way

[29:29] Closing thoughts

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Atara Twersky, is a real estate owner, sponsor, and syndicator.  She is the principal and founder at Ascendo Capital LLC.  Atara is also an attorney in NYC and the bestselling author of the children’s book series, Curlee Girlee, inspired by her own young curly-haired daughter  Atara is the host of a popular Real Estate podcast to help women understand their Real Estate Investments options so they can be informed investors.  For more information on Real Estate investment listen to Atara’s podcast Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women.