Dr. Vikram Raya of Viking Capital Makes the Transition from Cardiologist to Real Estate Investor

Dr. Vikram Raya, CEO of Viking Capital, is a cardiologist by training and also has a specialty in functional medicine,  At some point, Dr. Vik felt like medicine was not the course he should stay on forever.  Viking Captial was born out of his desire to do more. He founded Limitless MD and Viking Capital where Vik is both a coach and property owner.

Tune in as Atara and Vik share secrets of the trade and talk about all things multifamily investing, what it’s like to be an owner/operator and how his life changed when he changed career paths.

Show Notes for Dr. Vik Raya of Viking Capital

[01:30] Vik’s career

  • Vik’s career started as a cardiologist for 8-10 years
  • He was looking for another stream of income and found real estate and Viking Capital
  • He started a real estate company and took it to 30 single-family homes
  • Vik eventually started Viking capital – a real estate investment company in order to scale
  • The pandemic steered him into podcasting and speaking, sharing his story and it resonated with physicians and eventually formed a coaching company

[08:19] The intersection of 3 thoughts

  • Your passions intersect with your skillsets and trends of the time
  • If you could figure out something you’re really good at, you can outwork a lot of people

[10:03] What made him think that he can be a multi-property owner

  • Vik’s dad always had the entrepreneurial drive but wasn’t able to go all in because he has kids
  • He works with high-income low net worth people

[12:25] Vik’s take on people who say that it’s not the best way to invest in real estate

  • They are thinking like the 98% where Vik is part of the 1-2% who’s waiting for this opportunity
  • People are looking for opportunities when there are crises

[14:08] How to tell women to find a great deal in real estate investing

  • The most successful people make a declaration: What do I want?
  • What’s your why? – get philosophically aligned
  • Real estate should be part of your portfolio
  • Put up a test investment
  • Find sponsors and vet people and once you’re comfortable with them, do a test investment
[19:41] Does he still practice his M.D.?
  • Vik advises and consults executives, doctors, and other high-income professionals in the country
  • He also founded Vitology Institute

[21:02] ProLon 5-day reset program

  • Fasting mimicking diet
  • A strategy from Vik where you trick your body to go into a fasting state but you’re still eating food

[23:14] Closing thoughts

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