The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is bursting with business opportunities.  In this episode, I speak with Fahem Almusa who is the Director for the  Internal Audit and Accounting Advisory at Crowe UAE of the Crowe Global networks. Crowe is ranked as one of the top 10 largest accounting networks in the UAE (by the International Accounting Bulletin). Fahem is U.S. educated but lives in the UAE so he really understands the global conversation! 

Show notes

01:25 – Fahem shares his experiences about how Dubai opened business and economic opportunities

  • Fahem came to Dubai around 1999 when Dubai was still putting infrastructures, roads, and free zones
  • Dubai is a multinational/cultural city because of foreign workers working for Dubai’s development
  • Fahem also talks about the security for the people with different culture/religion
  • Dubai is like New York as the “city that never sleeps Lockdowns in Dubai during the pandemic and opening again on June 2020

6:17 – Where the trend is going for western institutional investors and what sectors should they look at

  • Dubai is still booming and there is an abundance of opportunities/projects to invest
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune to buy a property whether it’s residential or commercial
  • The way of doing business in Dubai is western being the English is the main language and Arabic
    is the second
  • Most of the large Middle Eastern companies are also located in Dubai
  • If you work in Dubai, you don’t pay any tax

13:55 – How the Gulf states also extremely focused on alternative energy and climate initiatives

  • Dubai does not depend on oil. As Dubai is a commercial city, only 10-15% of the annual budget comes from oil. The main source of income is tourism
  • Electric cars are increasingly popular in Dubai
  • Plastic use has been minimized to lessen the environmental impact
  • Dubai has strict guidelines in cars, zero-emission as much as possible

18:01 – The shift where money is coming into the region rather than the oil money going out of the region

  • There is a shift with money coming in and more big projects coming with other countries like Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia
  • Everything is negotiable with the government that’s why investors are flocking

20:00 – Is economic growth possible despite ongoing conflicts in the Middle East?

  • UAE doesn’t want to get involved with other countries’ conflicts in the region
  • UAE is Switzerland of the Middle East

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