Female Dentists Make Great Investors-Here’s Why


Going to the Dentist isn’t always fun. We often put it off or it remains on our dreaded “to do list;” a yearly “must do.”  But this Summer a friend recommended someone nearby who she said I would “absolutely love.”  I was due for my yearly check-in anyway so reluctantly, after pushing it off at least  five times, I made an appointment.  And guess what?!!  My friend was right.  I did LOVE this dentist.  She was funny, kind, personable, meticulous, and thoughtful in her approach to dentistry.  We got to talking about life, mindset, and finances and the conversation led to real estate and the work I am doing to help educate professional women about real estate. She was quiet for a moment and then looked at me seriously and said “my community of women dentists would love to really understand real estate and how being an investor can help us free up our time for the things we love to do.” I smiled. I hear that a lot from doctors and those in the science background.  Sometimes it feels like science-based-professionals get a bad rap for being unable to efficiently manage their money but I don’t it’s quite that simple.  I believe they haven’t been properly taught about money in school and their training doesn’t make time to explore this important aspect of money management and growth.  But research actually shows that when women in particular are taught properly about real estate investing, they can and do rise up and using the same level of detail they do for their professional work, they can become really great investors.   


Women in Dentistry: Statistics and Predictions

As of 2021, there are 201,927 dentists working in the industry with 35.9 percent of that population being female.[1] The percentage of women dentists is growing, and this trend mirrors the demographics of dental schools and the workforce in general.  According to Marko Vujicic, chief economist and vice president of the American Dental Association, “dental school enrollment is now 50-50 gender split, so that is the main reason why we are seeing more female dentists in the workforce. The gender shift is not unique to dentistry at all. In fact, the majority of the U.S. labor force is now women.”[2] With this steady increase in the number of women in dentistry, it is expected that the field will reach a gender parity by 2040.[3] The American Association of Women Dentists is just one example of how female dentists are growing in numbers and are coming together to support each other in the fight towards equality. The association was created by  Dr. Mary Stillwell-Kuesel and exists to advance, connect, and enrich the lives of female dentists. There are many reasons why women choose this profession among others: Benefits, pay, demand, flexibility, and personal interest are just a few.[4]   I rmyself can recall sitting in my law school class thinking I should go to dental school instead.


Invest: Because having multiple sources of income sets you up for success

Multimillionaire and famous investor Warren Buffet once said: “Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.”[5] The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that, among many things, one can lose their primary source of income with the snap of a finger. If this happens and you are without any other streams of income, you may find yourself in a very difficult situation. While your career as a dentist likely brings you a fair amount of money and is your main source of income, creating multiple streams of income is a good strategy that many investors use to reach financial goals, build wealth and financial freedom, ensure a backup plan in the event of  unforeseen circumstances, and free up their TIME to enjoy the things they love to do. [6] Investing in real estate has become a popular secondary source of income for people across the globe. A recent report by McKinsey and Company, a management consulting firm, showed that about two-thirds (68%) of the world’s global net worth is stored in real estate.[7] This report is just one example of the rise in real estate investment and demand worldwide.

Why female dentists make great investors

Women are great investors: According to Forbes, studies show that women spend more time researching their investment choices compared to their male counterparts.[8] When it comes to real estate investments specifically, experts in the industry are paying attention to what makes women successful as property investors. They are noting strengths like careful market research, low-risk property choices, and a willingness to commit long-term.[9] Women in dentistry are well-equipped to be successful investors, as dentistry generally pays well, dentists are left with disposable income that can be used to further increase their wealth.[10] In addition, investing takes time, patience, and discipline: Qualities that dentists already have as evidenced by their commitment to their schooling and the meticulous nature of their practice.

Invest wisely to increase wealth and make the most of your TIME

There are a variety of ways that people invest in real estate: Fixing and flipping homes and wholesaling are a few of many. The downside with these methods is that they often require vast amounts of time. Working dentists already have full schedules with their jobs alone, leaving little time for the things that really matter. This is why passive investments are often a preferred choice amongst busy women: They provide a way to earn money while you allocate your time to other priorities. TIME is our most precious commodity that we can’t seem to get enough of. The average person will spend one-third of their life working, which equates to nearly 90,000 hours devoted to the office over one’s lifespan.[11] This leaves us with a remaining two-thirds to do what is necessary, such as sleeping, eating, and commuting. Once those tasks are accomplished, there is often very little time left to spend with our loved ones and to do the things we enjoy most. When in this “time crunch,” the last thing we want to do is spend our hours trying to learn how to invest all on our own and second-guess each decision. Here at Ascendo, I am here to help you make the right decisions in your investment journey. You will not be alone: We will work hand in hand to understand each real estate deal and the ways to increase profitability. We will make money and help communities and families to grow and live meaningful lives. Time will free up as your portfolio grows, allowing you to commit to your practice and do the things you care about most. 



About Atara Twersky

Atara Twersky is a real estate owner, sponsor and syndicator. She is principal and founder at Ascendo Capital LLC. Atara is also an attorney in NYC and the bestselling author of the children’s book series, Curlee Girlee, inspired by her own young curly haired daughter and written for all curly girls in an effort to ensure they love themselves and their hair exactly as they are.  Atara is the host of a popular investment podcast, Pensions and Investments. As a mother of 3 school age children, Atara Twersky knows how children can be impacted by their surroundings: how the place they call home will directly affect their ability to do homework, to interact with their friends and siblings, and ultimately have the ability to empower them to grow into happy and healthy young adults. Positive community and apartment living is one of the key components to a well-adjusted child, and it has become Atara’s mission as a multi-family owner to help build communities that will allow its members, young and old alike, to thrive and grow and be happy. In addition, Atara has been a securities class action attorney for over 15 years, but what many of her clients do not know know is that she was able put herself through law school buying and selling HUD properties in the New York area by using the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Repeat) method before it had a name. Before she knew it, she was buying and flipping homes totally based on her instincts and a quick back of the napkin numbers check. Today as a multifamily sponsor and owner, Atara’s mission is to create communities where tenants feel at home, whether they are there for a short time or plan to stay for many years, because the place where one chooses to hang his or her hat and kick up their feet has to feel just right. Investing alongside Atara will be an experience in full transparency and disclosure. As an investor in her properties, you will make returns on your investment money and be privy to the process. Invest with Atara Twersky and you will help build community all while increasing your wealth!


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