Health and Financial Well Being Go Hand in Hand

I have a confession:  Despite what I thought of as healthy eating habits and overall general attention to self-care, I didn’t initially connect health and financial well-being until a few years ago when I lost my voice. Completely lost my voice, as in I opened my mouth to make a sound and nothing came out. In fairness, it had been going on for some time.

First, my voice felt hoarse and it became strenuous to speak and meetings were becoming more arduous. I remember at that time thinking it was connected to my recent pregnancy. This was when your entire body can seem to be somewhat “off. However, when I lost my voice entirely, I knew something else was going on. I immediately made an appointment at a recommended ENT. After doing a scope test, he explained that I had severe inflammation. Several nodules were on my throat. I would need surgery to remove them. He told me the recovery period would require 6 weeks of ZERO talking.  

Recalibrate Your Health

The ability to speak is important to everyone, but at the time I was a practicing litigator and also regularly presented cases at institutional fund board meetings. I am also a mom of three. I could not imagine how I could possibly do either of my roles without a voice. Suddenly, surgery seemed more than just scary. It seemed like it was just not an option. I was forced to think outside the box; I went back to my roots.

I had always believed, very viscerally, that what we put into our bodies was directly related to how we felt. Suddenly, I knew with certainty that any inflammation in one part of your body was a sign that you needed to recalibrate. Finally, I knew that eating without restriction or intentionality was no longer going to work. I would have to really revamp my messy, grab a quick-bag-of-chips-on-the-go, eating habits.

The Journey Into Health

And so began my journey into health. I learned that health and financial well-being go hand in hand. In a short time, my nodules decreased. My inflammation was at bay. My ENT pronounced surgery as “no longer warranted.” I learned many things from having to reduce sugar and wheat and dairy. Most importantly, I learned that in order to find your life balanced financially and emotionally you must begin first by taking care of your physical health.

Our physical and emotional health ties into every aspect of our lives. How we do one thing is really how we do everything. I realized once my voice fully healed that my health and well-being were interconnected and I also needed to make changes in my financial world and find my way to financial freedom. How we think and feel influences how we interact with others, make decisions, and perform throughout the day. When we are not feeling our best physically and/or mentally, it is harder to get things done.

There are a variety of things that play into our overall health: Environmental and economic factors, stress, relationships, and nutrition are just a few. Physical and mental health are connected because what is good for the body is often good for the mind. Being “healthy” improves overall well-being and helps us be successful and productive in our everyday lives, which is why it is important to take care of the one body we have!

Your health and its impact on productivity overall wellbeing

Overall health is connected to success and financial freedom. This is because mental clarity, energy levels, and stress management all contribute to one’s success and productivity. Living a healthy lifestyle improves success by increasing productivity. Those who take care of their bodies and mind with proper nutrition, activity, and positive affirmations have more energy and motivation to “get stuff done.”[1] In addition, healthy lifestyles help promote positive self-esteem. This is important for many reasons. Firstly, it helps you set realistic expectations, It allows you to feel more confident in your decision-making. Finally, it aids in making you more resilient and better able to handle stress and setbacks.All of these are important in obtaining your goals and growing as an individual.[2] Maintaining a realistic and healthy view of yourself is about learning to love and respect yourself. This includes our shortcomings. We cannot all be good at everything we do.

 How finances contribute to health and financial well being

Just as overall health impacts your ability to achieve financial success, finances also play a role in your physical and mental health. Money is a leading source of stress for Americans: A recent survey from the American Psychological Association found that most respondents were stressed about their finances.[3] 75% of adults said they felt stressed about money some of the time and 26% said they felt stressed about money most or all the time.

Stress can take a large toll on physical and mental health and can lead to health issues like anxiety, fatigue, depression, headaches, weakened immune system, and can even exacerbate existing chronic medical conditions.[4] Those who struggle with their finances also report that they put off seeking medical care due to financial concerns.[5]

 Improving your physical and financial wellbeing 

It is clear that health and finances go together: improved physical and mental health helps to achieve financial stability and growth, and financial well-being contributes to overall health. The exciting news is that there are many steps you can take that can make a huge difference in both your overall health and your financial health:

Taking care of the body and mind

There is a lot of focus on health today, and while there are so many different understandings of what brings true health and financial well-being, commonly agreed-upon ways to improve both physical and mental health include exercise and proper nutrition. Physical activity benefits not only the physical body, but the mind as well. When one begins exercising, whether at the gym or outside (my personal preference) he or she will eventually see results in the mirror, but the benefit of exercise goes beyond what the eye can see.

Studies have shown that physical activity improves brain health and function, reduces risks of anxiety and depression, and improves sleep.[6] A well-rounded diet is also important. Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and real foods give the body what it needs to succeed. Balance is key: All foods can and should be enjoyed in moderation, as restrictive diets never work and only lead to negative views towards and unhealthy relationships with food.[7] The focus should shift towards food as a source of fuel for the body, and we should strive to fuel our bodies with a variety of fresh, whole foods while also enjoying the foods we love the most.

Achieving financial freedom

There are a variety of ways to obtain financial freedom and ensure that your health and financial well-being are intertwined.. One small step is saving and taking a look at expenses and making changes where you can. Growing your wealth is also an important step to financial freedom.

There are many ways to earn more money, but the best ways are those that do not consume every waking hour of your day. Investing wisely allows you to let money work for you while you allocate your time to the more important things in life that benefit you physically and mentally, such as spending time with your family, taking care of yourself, and doing more of what you love. As a mom, entrepreneur and attorney, I know first-hand that many women are so busy in their daily lives they often forget that their money can grow and multiply if invested properly.

Helping Women Invest Wisely

I love having the opportunity as a real estate owner/sponsor to help women invest wisely, allowing them to free up their time to work less so that they can enjoy the things they love to do and focus on being the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves that they can be. In today’s very uncertain climate, it can seem scary to become an investor. Many, who have not invested before feel it is probably safer to “ride out this market” and keep any extra cash in the bank.  I understand that mentality; it is a scary time.  But investing wisely is the key to financial freedom. and opportunities can be found in all market cycles.

Ascendo Helps You With Your Investment Journey

Here at Ascendo, I am here to help you make the right decisions in your investment journey. In today’s market, investing in hard assets like real estate can increase your returns in a meaningful way. We will work hand in hand to understand each real estate deal and the ways to increase profitability. We will make money and help communities and families to grow and live meaningful lives because when we service our communities and teach them that health and financial well-being work in concert with one another, we are better able to practice those lessons ourselves. Time will free up as your portfolio grows, and your overall well-being will increase positively as you spend your time doing the things that matter most!.

About Atara Twersky

Atara Twersky is a real estate owner, sponsor and syndicator. She is principal and founder at Ascendo Capital LLC. Atara is also an attorney in NYC and the bestselling author of the children’s book series, Curlee Girlee, inspired by her own young curly haired daughter and written for all curly girls in an effort to ensure they love themselves and their hair exactly as they are.   Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women  is also hosted by Atara.

As a mother of 3 school age children, Atara Twersky knows how children can be impacted by their surroundings: how the place they call home will directly affect their ability to do homework, to interact with their friends and siblings, and ultimately have the ability to empower them to grow into happy and healthy young adults. Positive community and apartment living is one of the key components to a well-adjusted child, and it has become Atara’s mission as a multi-family owner to help build communities that will allow its members, young and old alike, to thrive and grow and be happy.

Investing With Atara

In addition, Atara has been a securities class action attorney for over 15 years, but what many of her clients do not know know is that she was able put herself through law school buying and selling HUD properties in the New York area by using the BRRR (Buy, Rehab, Refinance, Repeat) method before it had a name. Before she knew it, she was buying and flipping homes totally based on her instincts and a quick back of the napkin numbers check. Today,

Atara’s mission is to create communities where residents feel at home, whether they are there for a short time or plan to stay for many years, because the place where one chooses to hang his or her hat and kick up their feet has to feel just right. Investing alongside Atara will be an experience in full transparency and disclosure. As an investor in her properties, you will make returns on your investment money and be privy to the process. Invest with Atara Twersky and you will help build community all while increasing your wealth!