Moneil Investment Group: Vinney “Mr. Smiles” Chopra and His Story of Rags to Riches in Real Estate

Vinney Chopra, founder of Moneil Investment Group and popularly known as Mr. Smiles, is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, multifamily investor, and syndicator, who has successfully completed 35 syndications and owns property valued at over $500 million dollars.  Vinney started Moneil Investment Group as he ventured into the world of real estate. Vinney is also the owner of a property management company and has over 6,000 units under management. Vinney is the author of the best-selling books “Apartment Syndication Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide” and “Positivity Brings Profitability”.

Before venturing into real estate and opening Moneil Investment Group, in the U.S., Vinney was a mechanical engineer in India, moved to Washington, and received an MBA in Marketing. With only seven dollars in his pocket, he started his career sales by selling encyclopedias door to door. Vinney believes that a positive attitude can be life-changing. I share this sentiment. Tune in to Vinney’s story of struggle, failure, and then success always smiling all along the way.


Show Notes

[02:58] Vinney’s backstory and the power of positivity

  • Vinney acquired his degree in India and when he migrated to the US, he wanted to do an MBA
  • During the summer months, he was selling encyclopedias door to door 13 hours a day for the whole summer and turned him into a salesperson
  • After graduating from George Washington University, he looked for a full-time position as a consultant, doing speeches, raising money for non-profit organizations
  • It is important to bring your best self forward especially with interacting other people – negative energy doesn’t benefit other people
  • Selling encyclopedia taught him to handle rejection, get out of his comfort zone, etc.
  • The company that trained him gave him different books that helped him with mindset and selling

[09:38] Powerful lesson on rejection

  • Take rejection lightly. Nobody disagrees with who we are. It’s just that at that time they don’t need the product or service BUT you have to leave a great impression with every interaction.
  • We need to bring positivity back into ourselves so that we can be confident and take rejection in a light way to the point that things don’t bother you anymore

[13:09] How Vinney transitioned into real estate

  • When he got married, they started investing in single-family homes, and in 2008, he started to look into duplexes, triplexes, etc.
  • He slowly invested in multifamily homes and it grew like a mushroom
  • You cannot scale fast enough when it’s just you who is working. One should start in a limited partnership, and find good syndicators.
  • If you partner smartly, it can propel you forward

[25:55] Biggest wins & closing thoughts

  • Vinney’s kids became partners in their business called Moneil (named after his kids Monica & Neil)
  • He’s currently investing in multi-family senior-assisted living care in Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, and many more. 30 years from now, there will be 95 million seniors and a lot opportunities are there

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