Dr. Nancy Huynh: Ophthalmologist and Real Estate Investor

Nancy Huynh, MD is an ophthalmologist, surgeon, and real estate investor. Born to immigrant parents, Nancy was always taught the value of money and the need to save for rainy days. Like many other professionals, Nancy followed a traditional path of working hard in school, advancing to medical school, and obtaining a secure and good-paying job. With a few twists and turns, Nancy found her way to real estate investing.

Nancy is now the Founder and CEO of Clear Vision Investing, a real estate investment company that assists physicians with passive investment in real estate. Dr. Nancy is passionate about curing blindness both literally as well as figuratively as she educates about ways to build financial freedom.

Nancy completed her undergraduate studies in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics at Yale University and completed her ophthalmology residency at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary at Harvard Medical School.


Show Notes

[01:47] How Nancy started as a doctor and transitioned to real estate

  • As she got into her career as a doctor, she realized that she doesn’t have control over time which is the most valuable resource
  • This became more apparent when she started to have kids
  • Her parents and husbands were a typical “work & save money for rainy day” types of people but Nancy knows that there is a better way.
  • She started doing her own research and found out the topic called passive income, which led her to Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad , and led her to the path of real estate
  • Nancy started with buying a house and putting tenants. But as she later realizes, she’s just landing another job.
  • She eventually shifted to passively investing in other people’s real estate deals

[06:29] How she found her first passive real estate deal

  • Nancy started with educating herself: “What is a real estate syndication?”
  • She spent her time talking to sponsors, looking at deals, and deciding where to invest

[11:11] How to look for good real estate investments?

  • What are you looking for when looking at investments?
  • Nancy was looking at cash flow and if there’s an upside when they sell
  • Nancy loves to invest in apartment buildings because it provides cashflow and they could drive the value of the building

[13:45] How Nancy balances her career being a doctor and real estate investing

  • With real estate, she can educate people that there’s a better way
  • She uses time blocking to manage her schedule
  • Nancy also uses value-based decision making
  • When your values are clear to you, the decision-making becomes easier

[17:58] Nancy’s passion for helping people

  • 4 out of 5 people are unnecessarily blind
  • Nancy got interested in ophthalmology when she went on a mission trip in Ghana watching eye doctors doing cataract surgeries

[22:15] The opportunities in the real estate market

  • There are still opportunities in the market whatever the market cycle
  • Be careful about the deal you’re working on and see if the business plan makes sense
  • Multifamily is not going away despite the market conditions

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