New York Times, Economics Writer, Nelson Schwartz on The Velvet Rope Economy, Covid and More!

Nelson Schwartz, esteemed NY Times Economics and Business writer is also the best-selling author of the Velvet Rope Economy, a fascinating that really hits home!

The Velvet Rope Economy Show Notes


01:44 – The harrowing effects of COVID-19 in the U.S.

  • Covid is severely affecting working class Americans
  • Some areas of the economy are recovering like the housing market
  • The lockdowns have been more severe in the Northeast parts of the country (e.g. Michigan and California

07:03 – The new reality of urban areas like Chicago and New York

  • There is a growing demand in traditional suburban areas since the pandemic started
  • Nelson predicts that New York real estate market will recover once there is a vaccine available

11:05 – Nelson shares about his book called The Velvet Rope Economy

  • Consumer experience are starting to become more separated than ever
  • There are remedies to this growing gap which are – give more access to education, tax reform for the wealthy, technology, etc
  • There is a visible divide between the rich and the poor especially when it comes to access to healthcare

19:40 – Nelson shares one of his favourite stories that he covered

  • He did a series of stories about the workers at Carrier’s factory and how they became a political football
  • Nelson also loved his coverage on Fortune Magazine about the energy industry in Iraq and Libya


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