Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women: A Podcast to Ensure That Women Really Understand This Asset Class

I love real estate as a place to make additional income.  I love the power of possiblity.  As an owner/operator, I can make a difference.  I can really improve the lives of residents.  I know many other women feel the same.  And yet, for some reason, women as a group, are not real estate investors. Research substantiates that when women are educated about a topic they dive in fully and really work to understand it in a deep and meaningful way.  Real Estate as an asset class, is no different.  Whether as a limited partner, a general partner or in another capacity, women can do this!  Educating women and making this subject matter easily digestible is one of my goals. Join me on my journey of empowering women to understand this asset class so they too can be investors in Real Estate.  On my show, my guests, women and men alike, will help provide the latest information in a fun and easy manner with the understanding that investing wisely allows us the TIME to do the things we love with those we love!

My podcast Bridging the Gap:  Real Estate for Women is a show for women (and men too of course!)

About Atara Twersky

Atara Twersky, is a real estate owner, sponsor and syndicator.  She is principal and founder at Ascendo Capital LLC.  Atara is also an attorney in NYC and the bestselling author of the children’s book series, Curlee Girlee, inspired by her own young curly haired daughter  Atara is the host of a popular Real Estate podcast to help women understand their Real Estate Investments options so they can be informed investors.  For more information on Real Estate investment listen to Atara’s podcast Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women.