Ruben Greth: From Social Media to Capital Raising and Multifamily Real Estate Acquisition

Founder of Legacy Acquisitions and host of the Capital Raiser‘s podcast, Ruben Greth is a real estate investor and a Multifamily Fund Manager who hosts a really cool podcast where he interviews successful syndicators and educates people on the best practices in capital raising, multifamily syndication, and other real estate investments. He began his real estate career in the world of social media, where he parlayed video content into successful capital raises totaling multi-millions of dollars in a short span of time. Ruben also specializes in passive investing, apartment investing, partnering with investors, build to rent Investing, multifamily syndication, fund creation, fund structures, underwriting, and more.  Ruben is a graduate of  Arizona State University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Spanish, diversity of interests and skills is one of Ruben’s many strengths!

Show notes

[02:01] Ruben’s backstory getting into real estate

  • Ruben’s father is a real estate investor and he wanted to follow his father’s footsteps but doesn’t know how.
  • He found the power of multifamily real estate and started learning raising for small multifamilies
  • He started following his partner, shooting videos of him as he was taking down Fourplexes right after the crash of 2008.
  • He noticed that his then partner wasn’t good at leveraging people so they weren’t able to scale – resulting to a split.
  • Ruben eventually joined a mom-and-pop syndicator, helped them raise $100M, and started his show which is all about capital raising.
  • He went off and partnered with a fund manager, raised $20M, and is helping him with marketing, fundraising, etc.

[08:35] Sharing their business model to clients to raise capital

  • Capital raising is more on educating potential partners about their business model, tax benefits, past returns, vision, etc.
  • For most people, it can take a long time because they are trying to run a real estate business by themselves.
  • Align yourselves with people who are doing it

[12:53] Why Ruben started Capital Raiser’s podcast

  • Ruben has read the book “Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless” where it says that you should start an interview-based thought leadership platform
  • He realized that if he’s going to make a platform, might as well with something that he’s fascinated about – which is raising money

[14:58] How he was able to raise $100M with a mom-and-pop syndicator

  • Typically, it takes a while to create a limited partner database and he doesn’t have time because he has deals under contract.
  • The fastest way to get money asap was to get a co-partner and give them duties.
  • He brought a couple of capital raisers into the business and they brought the money
  • People will invest in something because it emotionally something satisfies some need that they have

[19:30] Setting up systems are important

  • Most limited partners will not invest if you can’t provide them with a great experience
  • You have to be able to give the investors the experience that they want so they feel safe with their investments
  • A client portal is huge, making them feel like they’re making an impact on the world.

[23:25] Ruben shares his secrets to his success

  • LinkedIn and Calendly are his tools for success
  • His method is not stressful because it just feels like he’s just having conversations in LinkedIn
  • The podcast has been a huge help as well
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs
  • Active Campaign

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