Rupert Bull Co-Founder and CEO of The Disruption House

Fintech! If you are an investor, Fintech is definitely an asset class to take notice of and Rupert Bull is a man to take notice of! Rupert is Co-Founder and CEO of The Disruption House, a company whose mission is to assist financial technology services and financial institutions to accelerate their discovery of and engagement with each other on a global basis. The Disruption House partners with over 50 global and regional banks and asset managers on their mission to do risk and fast track new technology adoption across the global financial service industry and beyond. Rupert aims to increase the speed and efficiency among fintech, clients, and investors to engage successfully with each other by utilizing artificial intelligence, automation, and process improvements.


Show Notes 

  • 1:08 – What is The Disruption House and the benefits of working with them to institutional clients

    • The Disruption House help asset owners, managers, banks, understand counts party risk in early stage, high growth businesses
    • They’ve done academic research, spoken with experts, & entrepreneurs to understand what the most successful business leaders have done in the early stage of the business and modeled it.
  • 2:29 – How The Disruption House is helping asset managers through technology

    • A lot of asset managers are just starting to come to the digital age. There are many drivers for it like ETFs and shrinking of active mandates, the distribution capabilities, and invest in their own research through artificial intelligence
    • Asset managers starting to rely in AI but still varies on strategy and market movements
  • 5:17 – The other side of using artificial intelligence

    • In the initial stages it’s all about augmentation than it’s about replacement
    • Artificial intelligence can be an enhancer to smart people, and in other instances, supporting machines that can see faster than human eye
  • 7:26 – Is there resistance within bank’s to adopt new technologies?

    • The real challenge is it’s their ability to respond to FinTech by working with early-stage business because these early-stage businesses have high failure rates
    • Seventy percent of business funded in Series A, don’t get to Series B funding
    • The most crucial factors to look for are business model, customer engagement, team management, leadership, diversity, and fiscal management
  • 13:21 – The worrying effects of Bitcoin in the environment

    • Since Bitcoin is digital, it’s also electronic.
    • Much of the mining takes place in most countries that uses coal fired power stations as electricity because mining bitcoin is energy intensive
    • It’s not only in the environment side, but it also affects the social side because mining requires a lot of computers, and most mining happens in poorest countries

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