Yonah Weiss: What is Cost Segregation? And can it help me to save money on my investments?

Yonah Weiss is a real expert in Cost Segregation and the intricacies of ensuring that investors save taxes through cost segregation. Yonah’s background in teaching and his passion for real estate has propelled him to the top of his field in finding ways to help his clients in this esoteric area. Yonah is also the host of his own podcast Weiss Advice.

If you are a property investor, you might be asking, “When is the best time to conduct cost segregation?” “What are its benefits?” Find out in this new episode of Bridging the Gap: Real Estate for Women with Atara!

Show notes

01:11 – Yonah shares his backstory
  • Yonah was a teacher and was involved with non-profit work, fundraising
  • At a certain point, he didn’t have the income necessary to grow his family and realized he needed a different source of income
  • Real estate had been his opportunity, and educating people how to save taxes through cost segregation became a great fit to him
04:18 – How Yonah learned cost segregation
  • He sat with experts in the company who has been doing it for decades and learned so much as he can
  • As a teacher, he taught cost segregation and built his expertise through time

05:51 – How cost segregation works

  • Real estate doesn’t really depreciate intrinsically as much as the government claims it to
  • You’re allowed to take a deduction of the total value of the purchase price of a property
  • Cost segregation analysis is breaking down the components of the property into different depreciation values & schedules.
    • Used to be called ‘component segregation’
  • By allocating different depreciation deductions to faster years, you can take a bigger tax deduction in the early years of ownership


10:30 – The best time for property investor to conduct cost segregation

  • Whenever the person can benefit the most from the tax deduction

11:38 – Can public pension funds get benefit from cost segregation?

  • The deduction will be split up and will flow through each individual investor

14:32 – The bulk of Yonah’s clients

  • Madison SPECS is the largest company doing cost segregation analysis

21:52 – Yonah’s vision for the next few years

  • His plan is to be more involved with real estate investing
  • His network opened a lot of opportunities

23:15 – Yonah’s thought on the market in light of recent interest rate hikes

  • Multi-family and other commercial real estate has always been a great long term investment
  • Depending on the market, you adapt and figure out what works

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